Dr Neil Peirson has many years of experience working in science both in academic institutions and industry. He graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemical Sciences before starting work at the prestigious GEC Hirst Research Centre, near London. After four years in industry, he moved to the Open University where he studied solid-state NMR, gaining a Ph.D. He then took up a postdoctoral position at King’s College London, in the group of Professor J.A.S. Smith; working for over 10 years with the group, as a Research Fellow, investigating and developing novel methods for the detection of explosives and drugs, using radiofrequency spectroscopic techniques.

Subsequently, Dr Peirson has worked as a consultant on projects improving the detection of explosives and drugs, for organisations such as the UK Ministry of Defense and the European Union; and undertaken further projects with the group at King’s. Although, much of Dr Peirson’s research has been commercially sensitive he has published ten papers in scientific journals; six further papers in conference proceedings; made several presentations at national and international conferences and had seven international patents granted with five further applications made.

Dr Peirson is an experienced teacher, having taught science at Further Education Colleges since 2011. He has a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Canterbury Christ Church University, with Qualified Teacher Status and Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status. He is a Member of the Society for Education and Training and an Editorial Board Member of SCIREA Journal of Chemistry.

Dr Peirson’s research interests include chemical analytical methods, in particular spectroscopic methods; the detection of contraband materials; radiofrequency spectroscopy; signal analysis; mentoring techniques and educational research into the ethos of learning.