Dr. Marco Clementino has obtained his PhD from the University of Kentucky. His thesis investigated the role of Nrf2 signaling in cell proliferation and tumorigenesis of hexavalent chromium transformed bronchial epithelial cells. In his project RNAseq analysis were performed to compare the transcriptome profiles of normal and transformed cells. The results of altered pathways led to the investigation of the roles of antioxidant proteins, metabolic reprogramming, and mitochondrial function in hexavalent chromium tumorigenesis. His currently working as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Kentucky investigating the role of non-coding RNA and epigenetics in breast cancer metastasis and drug resistance.

Dr. Clementino is passionate about research. He has ten years of life science research experience. He worked in several research areas including vegetal biotechnology, pharmacology, molecular toxicology and cancer cell biology.  His research has been presented in nine national and international meetings and he has published six peer review articles. Dr. Clementino is an online teaching fellow at CellBio-London Training Academy. He has studied in three different countries where he managed to rapidly adapt to different cultures. Considering Dr. Clementino is very passionate about science, his aim is to translate his knowledge into easy to follow e-classes.


Subjects of Interest

Toxicology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Cancer Biology.


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