Dr Hany Ibrahim Kenawy, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology since 2015. He was graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy at Mansoura University, Egypt, in Jul 2000. He was awarded his PhD in Infection, Immunity and Inflammation from University of Leicester, UK, in Jul 2010.


Dr Hany Kenawy is very interested in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. His philosophy in teaching is based on close mutual interaction with students implementing new models of non-classical teaching like competence-based learning and problem based-learning utilizing the new available technologies.

Dr Hany Kenawy has taught several courses in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels including General Microbiology, Immunology, Immunochemistry, Antimicrobial agents, Medical Microbiology, Biotechnology, Public Health, Molecular biology, Research ethics and Scientific writing.

Regarding research, Dr. Hany Kenawy is interested in studying the role of complement in non-infectious and infectious diseases. His current research focus also on a number of areas that include bacterial pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus. During his PhD (2006-2010) and his research fellowship in the UK (2011-2014) he has learnt and experienced the most cutting edge techniques in fields of Immunology, Microbiology and Molecular biology that he is implementing in his research projects.

Dr Hany Kenawy is also involved in a large number of Faculty activities such as directing a Professional Master Degree in Immunology and Regenerative Medicine, Directing the International Digital Centre of Applied Skills (IDCAS) at Mansoura University, coordinating Clinical Pharmacy Training at Faculty of Pharmacy in Mansoura University, updating courses, quality assurance monitoring, PharmD Teaching and conferences organization.


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