I obtained my Ph.D. degree from Saitama University, Japan in Groundwater Contamination in 2009. Currently, I am working as an Assistant Professor at the Civil Engineering Department of Applied Science Private University (ASU) at Amman, Jordan. Since, December 2011 till January 2016, I have been working as an Assistant Professor in Assiut University, Egypt. The majority of my professional and teaching experience focused on; water and wastewater treatment, Water supply networks and sewer system, and Hydrology. I am also teaching more advanced topics close to my research interests such as; Hydraulics structures design, Advanced water treatment course (Ion exchange, Reverse osmosis, Ultra filtration….etc.), and Environmental pollution and engineering control course (Industrial wastewater treatment, solid waste management, air pollution control, Risk management, and Environmental Impact Assessment). I also train either students or professional in water networking design (water distribution network, sewer system and storm water network) by using recent software such as civil3D, water GEMS and sewer GEMS.


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