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Language: English
2 hours
Study Level: Beginner- Intermediate
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This is a recorded online course that will discuss the following topics:

  • Definition of an abstract
  • Types of abstracts
  • The wise use of words.
  • The importance and popularity of posters
  • Organise a poster
  • How to design a poster
  • How to present a poster


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£20.00 £10.00
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  • Riham ibraheim(verified owner)

    I want to know how to write abstract and paper design

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Hi, you can enrol in the course to learn. I advise to enrol soon as we are over subscribed at the minute and the enrolment will be closed today. To join the course please click “add to basket” and follow the purchasing steps to enrol, don’t worry the course is free so you won’t pay any money.
      All the best

  • Bahaa Hemdan(verified owner)

    I hope to join to this amazing course

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Hi, Thank you for expressing your interest in the course. Please click add to basket and follow the purchasing steps to enrol, don’t worry the course is free so you won’t pay any money.
      All the best

  • Enas Ibrahim Abdelhady

    is still opening

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Unfortunately it is not open anymore. The course is oversubscribed due to the high number of enrolments. Please subscribe to the website to receive updates of upcoming courses.

  • Nehal kamal

    I want to join you, but how

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Hi, unfortunately it is fully booked and oversubscribed. We have accepted more than 66 participants and won’t be able to accept anymore. You can enrol for the next round in July for only £10 if you wish. Please subscribe to our website for updates and offers.

  • M. Mahdy

    I joined the coarse but the sound was very low. I tried headphones but the situation did not change.

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Thank you for your feedback. I believe the problem was in your computer because the other participants mentioned that they are hearing me well. The online session was recorded and the sound in the recording is very clear.

  • basma(verified owner)

    Thanks Dr. Nermeen. The course is very good and helpful foe me.

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Thank you for your feedback. Glad to that you’ve found it helpful. I hope to join us in other courses.

  • Amro Hashish(verified owner)

    I think the organizer for this online course have many problems and need to work on them. Starting from the the registration process. Even the record of the session, I can’t have an access to it.
    Try to fix Them.
    Good Luck in your upcoming events

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Thanks for your feedback. We did not have any problems organising this, the problem is that you did not give yourself enough time to read our emails well. You’ve received this course as free and live online session. In the correspondence before the lecture, you have received confirmation and reminder emails that stated clearly what you require to have in order to access the course which is a laptop or PC,…etc and we did not mention a mobile phone. However, you chose to access it through a mobile phone and refused to download the classroom application necessary for that and instead you raised a complaint to me which I took it seriously and replied you. Then because you missed the live session, I sent you an invitation to access the recorded lecture completely free of charge and mentioned clearly that this access will expire after two days. However, you did not accept the invitation and did not access the lecture.

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