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Language: English
3 recorded Lectures- 3 online recorded lab sessions
Study Level: Beginner- Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

This online course provides all the essential skills to start a research in cell biology using mammalian cell techniques..

Lecture 1 : Lab safety.
Lecture 2: Basic mammalian cell culture.
Lecture 3: Essential lab calculations- Part I
Lecture 4: Essential lab calculations- Part II
Lecture 5: Essential lab calculations- Part III

Learning outcome:

This course will enable you to

Learn cell passaging

Understand types of cell contamination

Learn how to count the cells

understand cryopreservation

Learn essential lab. calculations including:

Metric conversions and prefixes.

How to work out concentration of a solution.

Calculations by a factor of x.

Calculating percent solution

Diluting percent solution.

Understand moles and molecular weight.

Calculate the molecular weight of a compound.

Understand molarity and calculate the molar concentration of a compound.

Calculate the dilution of molar solutions.

How to perform serial dilution of a solution.

You will obtain a certificate once passed the online test.








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  • Mary D.

    I watched the recorded lectures and they were very good. The lab calculations lecture was good but it is divided into 3 videos, I think it will be more convenient if these videos were only as one whole lecture. I liked the idea of being able to download the lecture materials. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend the live sessions of this course. I recommend this course to beginners.

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Thank you for your feedback and glad that you liked the recorded videos and materials of the course. Hope to join our live courses in future.

  • T. Ali

    I attended this course and it is excellent. Dr. Nermeen was very helpful and I enjoyed the online lab very much and questions were informative. Thank you.

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Thank you very much. Hope this would encourage you to enrol in other CellBio-London courses.

  • Marah

    I really enjoyed and learned from this course. It was so close to the reality, and the next day I took the same topic concidencly in my microbiology lab.
    The procedure of teaching and flow as well as the information and questions given was really informative, I feel that I learned concepts that are really important for me as a student. Unfortunately, there were technical problems at some times. However, I would like to thank Dr. Nermeen for her cooperation and teaching in the course.

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Thank you Marah. Glad that you enjoyed the course and found it informative. Your feedback it much appreciated!

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