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Language: English
3 recorded Lectures- 3 online recorded lab sessions
Study Level: Beginner- Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

This course is suitable for beginners who wish to learn all the essential skills of cell biology including lab safety, mammalian cell culture, experimental design and lab. calculations.

In this course you will learn:

  1. Lab safety (one lecture and 1 online virtual lab sessions)

  2. Experimental design (one online virtual lab session).

  3. Tissue culture skills (one lecture and one online lab session) this includes: Cells and cell culture conditions

    – Passaging cells

    – Types of cell contamination

    – Counting the cells

    – Cryopreservation

  4. Essential Lab. calculations (one lecture) this includes:- Metric conversions and prefixes
    ›Metric prefixes and conversions.›How to work out concentration of a solution.›Calculations by a factor of x.›Calculating percent solution›Diluting percent solution.›Moles and Molecular weight.›Calculating the molecular weight of a compound.›Molarity.›Calculating the molar concentration of a compound.›Diluting molar solutions.›How to perform serial dilution of a solution.

  5. Online test after completing the course then you will obtain a certificate once passed the test.









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£99.00 £25.00
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  • Mary D.

    I watched the recorded lectures and they were very good. The lab calculations lecture was good but it is divided into 3 videos, I think it will be more convenient if these videos were only as one whole lecture. I liked the idea of being able to download the lecture materials. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend the live sessions of this course. I recommend this course to beginners.

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Thank you for your feedback and glad that you liked the recorded videos and materials of the course. Hope to join our live courses in future.

  • T. Ali

    I attended this course and it is excellent. Dr. Nermeen was very helpful and I enjoyed the online lab very much and questions were informative. Thank you.

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Thank you very much. Hope this would encourage you to enrol in other CellBio-London courses.

  • Marah

    I really enjoyed and learned from this course. It was so close to the reality, and the next day I took the same topic concidencly in my microbiology lab.
    The procedure of teaching and flow as well as the information and questions given was really informative, I feel that I learned concepts that are really important for me as a student. Unfortunately, there were technical problems at some times. However, I would like to thank Dr. Nermeen for her cooperation and teaching in the course.

    • Nermeen Moustafa

      Thank you Marah. Glad that you enjoyed the course and found it informative. Your feedback it much appreciated!

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