Welcome to CellBio-London Training Academy!

CellBio-London is a British company registered in London in 2018. The company aims to provide exceptional educational service to 18+ students. With robust educational platforms and a professional team, we are confident to deliver high standard educational and training courses.

E-learning is the easiest way of delivering information from anywhere and at anytime. Our virtual classrooms allow students to interact with lecturers. In addition, we have virtual laboratories. These online laboratories allow students to visualise the scientific concepts, learn practical experiments and understand the theory behind each step easily. We also have 3D anatomy online facility that promotes teaching human anatomy easily and effectively.

These online facilities together with our professional teaching team from different backgrounds are the key of our success. We value diversity and our aim is to provide affordable high quality educational courses that meet our students’ needs.

ِAbout Dr. Nermeen Moustafa, the Founder and Director of CellBio-London Training Academy Ltd.

Dr. Moustafa has obtained PhD in Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery from the School of Pharmacy- Queen’s University in Belfast in the United Kingdom. Her PhD was about investigating the mechanism of action a novel anti-cancer drug manufactured by ALMAC Discovery. Investigating cancer stem cells and tumour vasculature led her  to be visiting researcher in Queen Mary University in London where learned about EMT. Nermeen also holds Personal Licence from the Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS)/Home Office which qualifies her to perform in vivo research.

Because Nermeen has passion to teaching and science, she worked as disability support provider in Queen’s University in Belfast for 3 years supporting the disabled students during their educational sessions. In addition, Nermeen briefly worked as a postdoctoral researcher and supervising two PhD students in their practical experiments.

Nermeen is talented in poster presentations and she won the best poster presentation in ” All Ireland Schools of Pharmacy Conference” in 2014. Interestingly, in the same year Nermeen won The Investigator Travel Award from the Cancer Translational Research Group (CTRG). Being a hard worker and ambitious, Nermeen founded CellBio-London Training Academy which is aiming to re-define educational courses.  Equipped with numerous practical and scientific skills, Nermeen is planning to promote e-learning using up-to-date means of teaching such as virtual classrooms and virtual laboratory simulations which enable students to learn faster and easier.