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A wide range of online classes

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Essential Lab. calculations- Part I

Basic cell culture skills- A complete FREE lecture


“”I really enjoyed and learned from this course. It was so close to the reality, and the next day I took the same topic concidencly in my microbiology lab.
The procedure of teaching and flow as well as the information and questions given was really informative, I feel that I learned concepts that are really important for me as a student. Unfortunately, there were technical problems at some times. However, I would like to thank Dr. Nermeen for her cooperation and teaching in the course.””

Marah -Qatar

“”I like the way this company approaches the online courses, which is a mix of online sessions and extra live sessions where the learners can ask the instructor and get feedback and assessment about their performance. The prices are also very cheap compared to the excellent service provided.“”

Dr. A. Ahmed- UK

“”I attended this course and it is excellent. Dr. Nermeen was very helpful and I enjoyed the online lab very much and questions were informative. Thank you.“”

T. Ali -Egypt

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